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Our Services

We offer different packages depending on your family's needs. Everyone is required to do the initial assessment and with those results, we can recommend the package that best fits your loved one's needs. We will work to provide you with peace of mind, clarity in your options, and compassionate care management.


Let's find a plan that works for your family.

Initial Assessment 

This initial assessment is to determine the current level of care your loved one needs. I will meet with the client and family in their home on at least two occasions. I will review medications and medical diagnoses, communicate with doctors and other care providers, and evaluate the safety of the home and the quality of life of the client. You will then receive a written care plan that includes my recommendations and provider resources. 

General Care Management 

This package is for independent seniors that just need a little help and oversight. I will provide that by communicating with doctors and the care team to make sure that everyone is on the same page and working together. I will conduct weekly assessments with the client in their home where I can address any concerns or complaints and answer any questions they may have. My main concern is to ensure your loved one has the quality of life that they want without any other issues slipping through the cracks. I will keep the family updated every two weeks by email or phone. This includes providing support through difficult decisions and making recommendations for services as issues arise. 

Couples Care Management 

This package is tailored to couples who need additional support. This may mean that one member has multiple chronic conditions or cognitive impairment and its difficult for them to care for each other. I will make sure that both clients are getting the care that they need. There will be weekly meetings in the home, sometimes together and sometimes separately. I will provide mediation and support between the members of the couple as issues arise and dynamics change. I will communicate with medical providers and provide oversight of the care team. There will be ongoing assessments so that I can work to improve the quality of life for each client. I will keep the family updated and make recommendations and referrals as care needs change. 

90 Day Care Transition Package 

This package is for when there is a significant change in care needs following hospitalization, whether dealing with multiple chronic conditions or recovering from an injury.  I will have a pre-discharge meeting with the client and family where I can assess the clients needs and expectations following discharge. I will also communicate with existing providers to review medications and diagnoses. After discharge, I will meet with the client in their home within 48hrs. I will also arrange follow up appointments and coordinate any post-discharge services. This will also include weekly home visits and updates for the family.  This package includes the initial assessment. 

Complete Care Management 

This package is geared towards seniors with Dementia or other cognitive impairments. Along with the weekly assessments with the client, I will accompany them to one medical appointment a month to help advocate for them and reduce confusion and uncertainty in their medical care. I will provide consistent oversight of the entire care team to reduce the chance of a medical emergency. I will continually evaluate their quality of life and assess their safety in their home as their needs change. The family will be updated every two weeks by phone or email. I will reevaluate the care plan and make recommendations as needs change and issues arise. 

All Inclusive Care Management 

This package can be tailored to the client and their family's specific needs. It is generally needed when there is no family in the area. I would accompany the client to every medical appointment to ensure there is no confusion over medical care. I would also run two important errands a month to help give peace of mind. There would be weekly assessments in the client's home and family updates. I would be available to discuss resources and provide support for difficult family decisions. I would oversee the care team to make sure everyone is on the same page and nothing slips through the cracks. I will be consistently reevaluating home safety and care needs so that issues can be addressed as they arise. 

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